AB Cooks - how it works

     After creating a customized menu for you, Alan will spend a day in your kitchen. He will do all the grocery shopping and provide the equipment needed for preparing the meals in your home. Alan will leave you with a fresh, hot meal for the evening and refrigerate or freeze four more meals for you to enjoy on the days your time is at a premium. By following his simple instructions on thawing and heating, your food will seem like it was prepared fresh that day. Alan will leave your kitchen clean and fresh, giving you the time to enjoy and savor wonderful meals.

A typical menu will feature entrees and complimentary side dishes to feed you and your family for about two weeks. His menus are tailored to suit your personal preferences, such as low-fat or low-salt requirements. If you are a vegetarian or are intolerant to wheat or dairy products, he can accommodate you. Alan offers over 300 entrees and many more side dishes.

This alternative to fast food, take-out, and pre-packaged meals is nicely affordable. Alan buys the groceries, prepares the meals, and cleans the kitchen for an average price of $19 per person per meal. You just can't get a more wholesome, more personal dinner!